My name is Peter Trepel. I'm a mastering- and audio postproduction engineer from Hamburg, Germany. Since 2007 I am running the This Is The Future Studio, which I built to meet a wish: having an excellent sounding workspace for mastering and production, equipped with both digital and analog gear I love to use. In april 2012 i moved to my current location in the beautiful and vibrant quarter Sternschanze in Hamburg, only two minutes away from the metro station Sternschanze. Of course I will continue to freelance for different studios, companies and customers.

The blog keeps you updated about some projects I'm involved in, while the 'Music & Sound' category supplies you with some audio examples, all instantly playable - so give it a 'PUSH'!

Besides informing about my stuff, this site is also a platform for my services and related data transferring (skip to my CONTACT page here)

As audio producer and engineer I always aimed to find into a certain, high definition production style - something my work could stand for in this big mediaproduction industry. today it stands for organic, rich and defined, maxxed out but dynamic sound from the deep bottom to the shimmering top. As a fan of deep and big bass i specialised on full-range mixing/mastering with certain approaches to dynamics preservation for lively tones and drums. as a music lover i know about the demands of different music genres, as an audio engineer i know how to achieve them and as a musician and sounddesigner i know how to arrange things proper. get some impressions HERE...

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