Contact & Transfer


you can get in touch with me via email


just click the DROPBOX button below to send me your piece of music or sound, add a message and we are ready to start an online mastering session, an audio editing, a mixdown, etc. is the service i mainly use for my audio transfers, because it makes much sense due to the easy-to-use upload//download, comment functions and privacy settings

for general and booking questions please use email

Send me your track

when i'm ready with your track i send you examples, which you can easily stream and comment on soundcloud. of course, every personal or telephone contact is appreciated, too. when finished, the track gets back to you quick and easy by upload/download on soundcloud or a different file transfer host. online payment via paypal makes it easy to finish the business.

contact details/impressum:

mailing address: stresemannstr. 75, 22769 hamburg, phone (0049)(0)151-65163991

ggf. inhaltlich verantwortlicher gem. § 55 RStV: Peter Trepel

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