Mastering Netherland’s bass-heaviest…

Netherlands is upfront!! so many artists out the neighbor country push bass music forward, it is incredible - and i am quite happy i can help with this, doing some booming masters for them. first of these in 2012 was for for LUISTERWAAR from HEERLEN, (where i finally went in april for the DEPTH//STRT! label night) with a driven, experimental sound, loving the breaks and lovely fragmented melodies, which fit together so damn nice with the rough beats. The 'ILLUMINANTS' EP was dropping in march on SATURATERECORDS. second in the row is BOEBOE, an artist from AMSTERDAM, who is loving straight 808-like beats, jukey vocals, phunky chord-breaks and the sound of STRT! releases, so it was just consequent to team up for his EP 'ACT STUPID', to be released on sabacan records (JAPAN). good sh#t!

last but not least the new LP from HEERLEN's post juke icon SUBP YAO was hitting my mastering desk lately. sampling rap heroes like ghostface or busta in an untypical manner - with loads of mad sounddesign to get the partypeople jumping. in-your-face drums of the wicked kind are giving known genres like juke, dubstep or crunk a new painting, which is not only, but definetly: black.

check out for the LP, which is free for a limited time!!

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